One-stop to measure Web3 marketing

Analyse every visitor and wallet on your website, fuse web2 and web3 with powerful campaigns, understand your traffic and customer journey


Optimize your Web3 marketing performance in 3 simple steps

Rely on data, not feelings, when using automated data analytics tools.

Understand Web3
user attribution

Get to know your users' on-chain buying power and activity, Discord engagement, demographics, and website visits to tailor your marketing strategy effectively.

Grow your user base

Run Marketing Campaigns
with On-chain KPIs

Use UTM links to generate customized campaigns with clearly defined KPIs to maintain focus on your marketing goals and budget.

Launch a campaign

Optimize User Flow from
Off-chain to On-chain

Measure the impact of your campaigns on on-chain activities such as token transactions, NFT mints or wallet connections. Then, dive into the marketing funnel to gain complete insights into marketing channels effectiveness.

See your web3 marketing funnel

No-code user analytics aggregator trusted by 150+ Web3 companies.

Cookie3 lets you gather data about your users' behaviors from both on-chain and off-chain data sources.

Web2, Web3 and on-chain data

Explore comprehensive Web3 user profiles by tapping into on-chain transactions, token holdings, NFT trades, and smart contract executions. Uncover market behavior, preferences, and value across Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain and other EVM blockchains.


blockchain wallets processed


companies optimizing their marketing with Cookie3


transactions processed


tokens analysed

4 Tools for Optimizing Your Web3 Marketing Strategy

The power of on-chain & off-chain data. Made for any brand interacting with Web3.


Build data-driven marketing campaigns, empowered by ROI tracking, custom UTM links, and real-time notifications.


Tailor-made analytics dashboards designed to showcase KPIs for NFT collections, token holder demographics, and website traffic.


Manage both on-chain and off-chain customer data, delve into user behavior patterns, and establish well-defined user segments.

API Integration

Integrate user behavior analytics into your platform. Create targeted ads based on specified user segments.

Leverage data in your industry

The power of on-chain & off-chain data. Made for any brand interacting with Web3.

Gaming & Metaverse

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Marketing Agency

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Teams using Cookie3

Case study

How did Notum reduce marketing costs by 64% using Cookie3?

Max is a Marketing Manager at Notum, a DeFi project launched this summer. With Cookie3 he was able to reduce marketing costs and save hours of manual work. Let's see how he accomplished that!


How to improve customer loyalty with Web3 solutions?

Understand how the integration of NFTs, tokens, and the resulting interoperability will significantly enhance this marketing concept.

Case study

How Flooz reduced CAC by 85%?

Cookie3's Campaign Manager and CRM allowed Flooz to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost significantly.

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