Read the latest updates from the Cookie3 team

Latest updates from the Cookie3 team

What we're working on, what we're thinking about, and what we're excited about.

Product update

Cookie3 Monthly Product Update for October

We're releasing major updates to on-chain goals, new integrations with Polygon, Avax, Base and Mantle, as well as dApp integration in data sources.

Case study

How did Notum reduce marketing costs by 64% using Cookie3?

Max is a Marketing Manager at Notum, a DeFi project launched this summer. With Cookie3 he was able to reduce marketing costs and save hours of manual work. Let's see how he accomplished that!


How to improve customer loyalty with Web3 solutions?

Understand how the integration of NFTs, tokens, and the resulting interoperability will significantly enhance this marketing concept.

Case study

How Flooz reduced CAC by 85%?

Cookie3's Campaign Manager and CRM allowed Flooz to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost significantly.

Case study

Website Analytics in Web3: Apraemio Case Study

Apraemio optimized their website using relevant Web3 marketing KPIs!

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